The AHA Endorsement - The Force Driving
Hospital Solutions

In line with our mission to foster operational excellence in hospitals and care systems, we collaborate with hospital leaders to identify key challenges the health care field faces. After conducting the proprietary AHA Signature Due Diligence Process™, we award the exclusive AHA Endorsement to the solution that stands out from other candidates in best enabling hospitals to surmount an operational challenge.



The AHA Endorsement Seal is widely recognized and provides instant credibility. When faced with buying decisions, hospital leaders rely on products and services that have earned the AHA Endorsement to deliver top-tier solutions that exceed the criteria for excellence. Timetables for implementing operational improvements can be accelerated because the AHA has already researched and evaluated viable options, so focus remains on the delivery of patient care.



We actively promote the endorsed solution as an extension of our Partner's marketing team. A Partner with an endorsed solution is positioned as a thought leader on key industry issues. The AHA Endorsement features solutions that stand out in helping hospitals improve operations and provide better patient care. We help define existing and emerging growth opportunities, and develop an integrated, multi-channel marketing program that aligns solutions with purchasing decision makers. We provide valuable lead generation and nurturing for our Partners, who benefit from the trustworthiness conveyed by the AHA Endorsement.



Through robust professional educational programs, our focus is to identify hospitals' most critical challenges and to share emerging thought leadership with AHA members. Our events convene industry leaders and promote peer-to-peer information exchange, while prominently showcasing solutions that have earned the AHA Endorsement to health care providers tackling difficult problems that impede success.