The Patient Flow Challenges Assessment

Hospitals consider patient flow one of the key elements to successful patient care, patient satisfaction and overall hospital performance and are investing in a wide range of solutions to improve it, according to the 2012 Patient Flow Challenges Assessment (PFCA) Report.

Report findings indicate that hospital leaders connect patient flow to readmissions, changing Medicare and Medicaid requirements, EMRs and the HCAHPS rating system. Respondents identify Communications as the most pervasive cause of poor patient flow and Discharge is cited as the top priority for improvement.

Respondents also report successes. Most note designating permanent departments or committees to patient flow improvement and identify hospitalists as an effective resource. Also, hospitals are investing in asset, equipment, staff and patient tracking systems to help directly improve patient flow.

We appreciate the time and commitment of all the hospital professionals who participated in this year’s survey. The Report provides insight into not only the challenges but potential solutions to patient flow issues across eight key stages. Request your copy using the blue button above.