AHA Endorsement:

Medication Adherence

“Walgreens has proven to be a reliable and helpful partner in our attempt to provide excellent care to our heart failure patients while preventing readmissions.” – Spence Hudon, Clinical Manager, Sarasota Memorial Hospital

Hospitals are striving to reduce their avoidable patient readmission rates as a key to improving outcomes and decreasing overall health care costs. Medication non-adherence is considered a significant contributor to hospital readmissions. Recent research indicates 28 percent of new prescriptions go unfilled and less than half of recently discharged hospital patients can list their prescribed medications.1

Why We Endorse Walgreens WellTransitions® Program for Medication Adherence

After conducting our proprietary due diligence process, we identified the Walgreens WellTransitions® program for Medication Adherence as a leader in helping health care organizations reduce avoidable hospital readmissions by improving patients’ adherence to medication treatment plans following discharge.

We found the program stands out for its broad scope of transitional-care services, along with its availability to hospitals and homes through Walgreens extensive network of pharmacies and pharmacy services. Additionally, Walgreens has demonstrated a core commitment to actively helping hospitals extend care into their communities to improve overall wellness.

1Fischer, M. A., Stedman, M. R., Lii, J., Vogeli, C., Shrank, W. H., Brookhart, M. A., & Weissman, J. S. (2010). Primary medication non-adherence: Analysis of 195,930 electronic prescriptions. J Gen Intern Med, 25(4), 284-290. doi: 10.1007/s11606-010-1253-9. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20131023

Walgreens WellTransitions® program for Medication Adherence features a multi-step transitional-care program focused on reducing hospital readmissions by improving patients’ post-discharge adherence to medication treatment plans.

The program brings together pharmacists and hospital staff to improve the transition of care for patients by providing ongoing support during and after their hospital stay. WellTransitions helps reduce medication-related hospital readmissions by aiding patients’ understanding of their medications, encouraging filling of their medications, and scheduling follow-up appointments with the patients’ primary care physicians.

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