AHA Endorsement:

Immediate Response Communication Systems

"The Vocera Hand-Off Solution has been proven to transfer patients’ medical information between care providers, efficiently and effectively." – Anthony Burke, President and CEO, AHA Solutions, Inc.

With an increasingly mobile workforce, it is imperative that hospitals have a system in place so care providers can communicate critical patient information anytime, anyplace. Immediate Response Communication Systems not only meet that need, but enable hospitals to fully realize the benefits of a truly mobile workforce.

Why We Endorsed Immediate Response Communication Systems from Vocera

Vocera offers a truly unique product to the health care community. At the time of endorsement, they were offering the only wearable and hands-free communication device, positioning to deliver a unique value to the health care field as a whole.  No other communication device offers the same blend of benefits seen through value drivers aimed concurrently at staff efficiencies, patient safety and patient flow.

Vocera’s unique immediate response communication solution instantly connects doctors, nurses and staff, quickly and efficiently. Five times faster than other alternatives, it enables hospitals to respond rapidly to life-threatening events, make on-the-spot decisions, increase the efficiency of patient flow, reduce noise levels and deliver better patient-centered care.

In addition to phone-like wireless devices, it includes wearable, wireless badges allowing users to multi-task while communicating. Both are voice-connected to Vocera’s intelligent system software, which controls and manages call activity over a wireless LAN.

Voice-directed by name, job function or group, Vocera’s software eliminates the need to memorize extension numbers. Unanswered calls to someone in a group/function are automatically routed to the next person in the queue. Learn more at www.vocera.com.