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Kiosks & Portal Solutions

"Vecna is a true partner. Our work implementing a kiosk solution to increase staff efficiency and improve patient throughput has been a great experience." – Mark J. Bittle, DrPH, MBA, VP, Ambulatory Services, Johns Hopkins Medicine

To help bridge the communications gap with patients, hospitals are implementing web-based portals and on-site kiosks. Both give patients access to information, increasing satisfaction levels while enabling hospitals to improve the accuracy of their data, reduce costs and free up staffs to focus on delivering care. Forward-thinking organizations have recognized the value of web-based patient portals and on-site patient kiosks. Integrating disparate information systems is key to successful implementation of either service.

Why We Endorsed Kiosks & Portal Solutions from Vecna

Integration of different information systems is truly the backbone of either a portal or a kiosk. In order to truly benefit from these solutions, a patient must be able to access certain information and have any updates or requests based off of that information, communicated back to the provider. It is the bi-directional communication within the process that allows both a more streamlined experience for the patient and a more efficient process for the hospital. Each hospital must ultimately choose what they want to make available through a portal or kiosk, but without the ability to integrate the needed information systems and allow the required communication, no value will ultimately be seen. Vecna was able to demonstrate a high level of expertise within this area which was a major deciding factor in their product endorsement.

Vecna’s web-based patient portals and on-site kiosks enable hospitals to give patients what they want – direct access to health care information. Their intuitive, user-friendly solutions allow patients to perform a variety of tasks on their own, eliminating long lines at the front desk while freeing up administrative staff for higher-value tasks.

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