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Simulation Solutions

"This is the first time we've dropped [having seen a 63 percent reduction in sepsis-associated mortality]. Additionally, due to early recognition and treatment … admissions from the floor to the ICU have decreased from 10.7 percent to 4.8 percent of patients." — Debbie Sober, RN, ICU Director, Community Hospital of Monterey Peninsula

In today’s health care landscape, hospitals are challenged to improve patient safety and reduce costs. With an aging population and anticipated care provider shortages, hospitals and care systems will face increased patient loads and additional risk to patient safety. This, combined with the shift in reimbursements to reflect value over volume, makes the provision of standardized, high-quality care more critical than ever.

Why We Endorsed Simulation Solutions from Medical Simulation Corporation (MSC) & Raytheon Professional Services (RPS)

Following a proprietary due diligence process, the solution from MSC and RPS, Simulation Solutions, was selected for endorsement for enabling hospitals to measure, advance and sustain health care provider team knowledge and consistent application of evidence-based guidelines for early recognition, prevention and treatment of health care conditions.

Simulation Solutions provide immersive learning and provider assessment solutions to health care professionals across a wide range of hospital clinical areas, with a focus on standardizing care delivery and creating clinical and cost control results. Led by clinicians with educational expertise, immersive learning programs grounded in evidence-based medicine offer a comprehensive array of simulation technologies and online courses, which are customized based on hospital needs and participant knowledge assessments. The solution is distinguished by its variety of services and options, its scalability and its demonstrated effectiveness.

Take the Shock out of SepsisSaving Lives and Reducing Health Care Costs

Additionally, MSC is building a national campaign to save lives and reduce health care costs through the implementation of MSC Quality Initiative Programs. Sepsis, one of the initial clinical focus areas of the campaign, accounts for more deaths in the U.S. annually than twice the number of deaths from breast and prostate cancers, AIDS and auto accidents combined. Sepsis-associated mortality can be reduced by 50 percent1 through the application of evidence-based guidelines, but hospitals are only implementing these guidelines in 11 percent2 of patients. Download the program overview and read the case studies below to learn how.



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Improving Efficiency, Clinical Competencies and Patient Safety

RPS introduces proven processes, proprietary tools and technology to optimize an organization’s current training activities. From performing a comprehensive training needs analysis to offering a range of qualified and customized simulation based solutions, RPS delivers unique value in simulation training.

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