AHA Endorsement:

Data Breach Preparedness & Response

“Our patients’ health and well-being are of utmost importance to us. So is the security and privacy of their medical information. RADAR gives us a consistent, efficient, and affordable incident management solution that scales and can grow with our business needs.” – Dr. Cris V. Ewell, Chief Information Security Officer, Seattle Children’s Hospital

When a data breach occurs, hospitals and care systems need fast, strategic action. However, the legal and regulatory environment under HIPAA and the HITECH Act, as well as individual state laws, makes compliance a unique challenge. Financial, legal and reputational risks are steep. And the potential misuse of personal identification information (PII) and protected health information (PHI) creates substantial risk to affected patients. The greatest challenge faced by privacy, compliance and information security officials in health care is amassing in-house resources and expertise to sufficiently address issues in accordance with regulatory mandates.

Why We Endorse Data Breach Preparedness & Response from ID Experts

We identified the system from ID Experts as a leader in the prevention and remediation of privacy or security incidents. The solution specifically addresses and minimizes the risk factors that exist for health care providers. From up-front Risk Analysis to the customized Incident Response Plan to its data breach response solution, ID Experts helps achieve a positive outcome for both the hospital and patients. Its focus on processes, policies and patient-centered issues demonstrates a passion for serving the health care community. The comprehensive suite of products and services addresses all aspects of data breach preparedness and response. Not only is risk minimized, but organizational reputation is protected and patient safety and satisfaction are ensured.

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Simplify Analysis of Data Incidents with RADAR

Learn how you can better manage data incidents, while meeting all federal and state regulations — including the recent HIPAA
Omnibus Rule with ID Experts RADARTM software.


Risk Assessment ID Experts works as an extension of your team to help identify where PHI is stored, how it should be protected and what is at stake should it become compromised—leading the way to compliance.

Mitigation & Compliance ID Experts privacy training, policy and procedure development, and data security technologies and consulting help reduce risks and fines and demonstrate HIPAA/HITECH compliance

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